Alchemy and Religion. Hermetic Symbols of the 17th Century.
Alquimia y religión. Los símbolos herméticos del siglo XVII.
Raimon Arola
El Árbol del Paraíso. 58.


An essay of the Alchemy in the Renaissance, from Paracelso, when it was the area of knowledge and spiritual development which had to conform the interior and secret nucleus of the Christian tradition, as well as the necessary impulse for a reform of the religious thought. But with the Rationalism imposed in Europe at the end of the 17th century, this science or art it was included in what nowadays is known as Esoterism, and was considered to be something completely foreign to the religion. Nevertheless, behind the apparent madness of the former alchemists, it hides an education that deserves to be taken in account by philosophers and historians of the religions and arts. Alchemy postulates clarify records and manners of the human being that have remained forgotten or disguised in disciplines foreign to the life of the spirit. With this oblivion, the most intimate symbolic universe of the Western thought, expressed basically by means of images, has been isolated.


Raimon Arola
 has a PHD in Art History and he is a teacher in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. His researches are focused on Symbolism, Mythology, Alchemy and Cabalism auseet.


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